squeaky (squeakydahmer) wrote in pokerhand,

NLHE Tournament

9-person table during the second hour (20 minute blinds) of a 90-person NLHE tournament. Button is at seat 2, and you are in seat 1. You currently have 8 BB in chips.

UTG (seat 5) has 5 BB, and opens the betting with a min-raise, leaving him 3 BB. Seats 6-9 all fold. You look down and are holding pocket tens. Seat 5 has been playing very tight so far. Seat 2 has about the same stack as you and has played extremely tight. Seat 3 (SB) has about twice as many chips as you, and hasn't played a hand for nearly an hour. Seat 4 (BB) has about 4 BB and has been avoiding hands since a bad beat.

What would you do?

"Actual" result: You raise to 5 BB. Seats 2-4 fold. Seat 5 calls all-in and shows QQ, which hold up against your tens and leaves you with a measly stack of 3 BB.
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I write about poker hands often on my blog..but i just created a poker community where everyone can post hands they have seen/played and let others comment on it
its poker_hands, check it out if you are interested
What I would do on this hand a min-raise is usually weak hand but you said this guy played tight so he wanted you to think that and by doing that was trying to get action so I probably would have folded but who knows.
In hindsight it was clearly a bad move, I probably should have put the guy on pocket aces. I got suckered into risking a lot of chips because his remaining stack was pretty low, and I actually put him more in the range of AK or AQ. To be honest a smooth call from this guy would have been more suspicious than the min-raise.