"I haven't looked yet."

Here is a scenario you probably won't find in Harrington on Hold 'Em...

Late stages of a multi-table NLHE tournament. It is down to the last 3 players.

The blinds are very large in comparison to all the chip stacks at this point. The button folds, and in the small blind you pick up pocket 8s. You make a standard 3BB raise. The big blind not only calls but loudly proclaims "I haven't looked yet!"

Flop comes Q 3 9. The big blind again reminds you that he hasn't looked yet, and doesn't seem eager to ever look at his hand.

What is your move? Your remaining chip stack is only slightly larger than the size of the pot at this point, and any kind of small bet may get a cold call from your opponent without looking at his cards. Do you move all-in, hoping he doesn't have one of the 3 remaining queens? After all, since he hasn't even looked his hand is essentially random.

What do you do?

NLHE Tournament

9-person table during the second hour (20 minute blinds) of a 90-person NLHE tournament. Button is at seat 2, and you are in seat 1. You currently have 8 BB in chips.

UTG (seat 5) has 5 BB, and opens the betting with a min-raise, leaving him 3 BB. Seats 6-9 all fold. You look down and are holding pocket tens. Seat 5 has been playing very tight so far. Seat 2 has about the same stack as you and has played extremely tight. Seat 3 (SB) has about twice as many chips as you, and hasn't played a hand for nearly an hour. Seat 4 (BB) has about 4 BB and has been avoiding hands since a bad beat.

What would you do?

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